Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2)

  • 6 course hours
  • 6 students per coach
  • Designed for advanced riders
  • Non-License earning
  • More experience on your motorcycle
Baltimore $135

Formerly known as the Experienced Rider Course (ERC). Designed for people who have completed a BRC or ABRC course and want to improve their riding techniques, eliminate bad habits or just want more experience on your personal motorcycle. Topics include preparing to ride, road management and advanced riding techniques.

The class consists of nine riding exercises.  Eight of the exercises are borrowed from the Basic Rider Course (BRC) with some minor enhancements for the more experienced rider and one completely new exercise.

Riders are expected to use their own motorcycle. Personal motorcycles must be street legal, in good operating condition and pass a routine pre-ride check given as a part of the course.

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