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0 Hours of Online eCourse
0 Hours of In-Person Discussion
1.5 Hours of Riding
Designed for Beginner or Advanced Riders
Non License Earning


To improve riding skills or focus on a specific area needing improvement.

Course Description

Provides additional riding practice for someone that recently completed a BRC course or someone that needs a refresher of their basic riding skills. The course includes approximately 1.5 hours of training.

    During the course the student will work closely with the instructor to help identify areas of improvement. The student will get additional riding practice to improve clutch-throttle control, starting, stopping, turning, shifting and swerving. Throughout the course the instructors will evaluate and coach each rider’s performance.

    The course concludes with an overall course wrap-up.

    Motorcycles are available for use and are included in the course fee.  Motorcycles used in the course typically have engine displacements of 250cc.

    Riders must have the appropriate riding gear, which includes a DOT certified helmet (PA requires helmet to be open-face / three-quarter or full-face helmet), eye protection, long sleeve shirt or jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants (no ripped jeans, sweat pants or other soft material) and sturdy over-the-ankle footwear.

    There is no guarantee that an individual enrolling in this course will pass.

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