Road Rider Course (RRC) (COMING SOON)

  • 1 hour classroom
  • 3-4 hours riding
  • 3 students per coach
  • Designed for beginner/intermediate riders
  • Must be licensed
Your Bike $195
MSA Bike $245

This course is designed for someone who needs “on road” training and experience riding on the street. This course is approximately four (4) hours and provides a practical application of the basic physical and mental skills for managing risk. The course consists of three (3) pre-approved routes. Each route has one or more segments with safety related discussions of experiences and rider-specific coaching. Routes are progressively more challenging and start with lower-speed areas and move to suburban area with multiple lane roadways, city streets and expressways.

The student will work on strategies for identifying and responding to typical riding situations in multiple riding environments. Students are also exposed to lane positioning for visibility and space cushion, situational awareness, and proper cornering process. There is an emphasis to think like a safety-minded, responsible rider who uses aggressive vision and gives full attention to the riding task. Throughout the course the instructors will evaluate and coach each rider’s performance.

A student must be currently licensed to ride a motorcycle to take this course. A student may elect to use their own motorcycle or for an additional fee may use one owned by the Motorcycle Safety Academy.

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